Monday, 15 July 2013


What's the connection of the bird to the statement?
Is peace really possible?
Is my ombre hair still possible?
I realized the feather on the necklace matches the bird. Twit twit! LOL

This is my favorite look so far. Because this is really how I usually dress, except for the shoes, I'd wear sneakers. Maybe you're wondering why I decided to dress differently, well for one, I'd like to see myself in different kinds of apparel, of course still according to my liking. And taking chances on trying on different looks. Feminine and masculine lol =))))

FACT ABOUT ME: I'm not really the girly type. ;)

This shirt I got from Giordano, shorts from a bazaar, and shoes from Primadonna, (same shoes I used at the last outfit). GREEN PEACE? I feel like a tree with my green shorts and my shoes.

Hahaha so why did I say, IS MY OMBRE HAIR STILL POSSIBLE? Check it out on my next post! =))


  1. Cute necklace! Well, heels really look good on you. :) Nice title post haha!
    Smize with Style

    1. Thank you bits! =))))) I look small without heels :((

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  3. Hii! I love your necklace and your wedges!! :)

  4. Hii! I love your necklace and your wedges!! :)